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Siemens in Jordan

First National Medical Services

Since the date we started, our strategy was to establish close ties with the most reputable Doctors, heath centers and hospitals. Thanks to our Service and Sales team which they gave their professional knowledge and their full determination to meet the customer needs; Because of those unknown soldiers, we became one of the most distinguished companies in the area. For you my colleagues, at First National Medical Services, I express my gratitude for your high professionalism; it is my great honor to be one of such wonderful team. Finally, allow me to summarize the attitude which brought us to the level we reached with those few words: We do not follow standards, we set them!
The Shmeisani Hospital
The Shmeisani Hospital in Amman sign contract for the supply of 3.0T MRI System ...  
Prince Zaid Hospital -Tafila
New 1.5T MRI model Magnetom Avanto ......  
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